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'Jagar Lok Kalecha' showcases talent of local artists on the background

Articles & Photo Credit Goes to UNI INDIA
Aurangabad, Feb 16 (UNI) The initiative of 'Jagar Folk Art' is commendable in the background of Ellora- Ajantha International Festival.This activity not only creates the atmosphere of the festival but also gives scope to the talent of local artists, said senior literary Prof. F M Shinde on Wednesday night. He was speaking on the occasion inauguration of the 'Purvarang' program last night in the background of Ellora - Ajantha International Festival. The program of 'Jagar Folk Art' was held in Kranti Chowk with great fanfare. Senior Literary Prof. Shinde was inaugurated . In the beginning, the program of 'Jagar Folk Art' started with the lighting of the lamp by offering floral garlands to the statue of Jhanshi Rani Laximbai. In the beginning, Bharuda was sadarized. Gadge Maharaj's gram surajya, self-reliance, patriotism and public awareness were included in Bharud. Shekhar Bhakere said while presenting this bharud that saints have taught the world about environment protection and family values ​​through bharud.'Gondal' (Confusion) was presented by Shahir Sumit Dhumal. Sant Tukaram Maharaj, Bhanudas Maharaj, Eknath Maharaj wrote about the people's awareness with an energetic recitation of the Gondal. The chaos that characterized Aurangabad turned out to be the attraction for the G20. Ajinkya Lingayat presented more than one powade. On this occasion, Deepak Harane (Regional Manager MTDC), as well as organizing committee member Anil Iravane, Dr. Rishikesh Kamble, Kundlik Atkare, etc. were present.