About Us

Exploration TV and Productions is a virtual news portal that is working energetically in the domain of educational digital news. All over India our brilliant team of reporters works 24/7 to provide the viewers with up-to-date news, exclusive video stories, interviews with prominent people from different walks of life virtually.

Besides that, you can connect with us to showcase your story or professional journey on the platform of Exploration TV and Productions. Founded in 2021 by Puneet Sood, Exploration TV and Production is today the most credible news portal in India. The Exploration TV and Production with the flagship website – explorationtvandproductions.com – is India’s number 1 abode for exclusive news and related videos.

We are covering a range of issues including Political beats, External World affairs, History, Wildlife, Society, Travel, and news stories from Rajasthan State. The news portal targets the news from all over India that is credible, and authentic.