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India forefront in taking action on biodiversity conservation PM

Articles & Photo Credit Goes to UNI INDIA

Chennai, July 28 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said India,

a mega diverse country, has consistently been at the forefront in taking

action on biodiversity conservation, protection, restoration and enrichment.

Addressing the G20 Environment and Climate Sustainability Ministerial Meeting

via video-conferencing, he expressed happiness that through the “Gandhinagar

Implementation Roadmap and Platform”, you are recognizing restoration in

priority landscapes impacted by forest fires and mining.

He said India has recently launched the “International Big Cat Alliance” for

conservation of seven big cats of our planet. It is based on our learnings

from Project Tiger, a pioneering conservation initiative.

"As a result of Project Tiger, 70% of the world’s tigers today are found in

India. We are also working on Project Lion and Project Dolphin", he added.

Mr Modi said India has led the way through its ambitious “Nationally Determined


India achieved its installed electric capacity from non-fossil fuel sources, nine

years ahead of the target of 2030. "And, we have set the bar even higher through

our updated targets", he said.

"Today, India is one of the top five countries in the world, in terms of installed

renewable energy capacity. We have also set a target of attaining “Net Zero”

by 2070", he added.

"We continue to collaborate with our partners through alliances including

International Solar Alliance, CDRI, and the “Leadership Group for Industry

Transition”, the Prime Minister said.