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Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary geared up to be the 4th in Rajasthan and 52nd Tiger Reserve in the country

  • Written By अनुभा जैन, लेखिका पत्रकार on Tuesday, April 11,2022

Established in 1982 under Section 5 of the Rajasthan Wild Animals and Birds Protection Act, 1951, Rajasthan's Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary is expected to be formally announced anytime as a tiger reserve. The Centre and technical committee of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) have already given their consent to grant tiger reserve status to Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary. If it happens then after Ranthambore, Sariska, and Mukundra tiger reserves in Rajasthan, Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary would be Rajasthan’s fourth and 52nd tiger reserve in the country. This initiative will strengthen tiger conservation and increase the tiger population in Eastern Rajasthan.

the first-time movement of four tigers have seen. Near Chakan Dam T129 and near Kamleshwar T110 and T59 have been spotted. In search of territory for the last one-month T129 is in Ramgarh sanctuary. 4-year-old male tiger T115 has already been in Ramgarh for the last 18 months and it is presumed that the tiger has made its abode in Ramgarh sanctuary. It is believed that from the forest of Kamleshwar T115 in search of food and water reached to Sakhavada Mej River. From there the tiger crossed the Indragarh Buffer zone and went to Ramgarh sanctuary.

According to the forest officials, 5-year-old male tiger T110 and female tiger T59 (mother of T115) come very frequently to Ramgarh from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. The place where all these tigers have been spotted is a few kilometers away from the Sakhavada Mej river in Ramgarh.

“Biodiversity of Bundi is suitable and rich for tigers. Due to tiger clashes and pressure tigers are coming out of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and making Ramgarh as their destination,” stated A.N.Gupta, DFO Wildlife, Kota.

Tarun Mehra, Assistant Conservator of Forests, Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary, Bundi district in an exclusive interview stated, “In Bundi district, this would be the third tiger reserve. As a unique feature, once the official announcement of Ramgarh Sanctuary as the Tiger Reserve will be made Bundi would be the first district in India where three tiger reserves will be found.”

Mehra further said, “The North area of Bundi is the part of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and the southern area of the district is the part of Mukundara Tiger Reserve. As Ramgarh becomes the tiger reserve, the portion of Southern Eastern Rajasthan from Karauli to Jhalawar districts will become a territory. From Mukundara and Ranthambore tiger reserves movement of tigers is very often or frequent in Ramgarh sanctuary. To protect a corridor there is no provision in the wildlife protection act. And hence as a corridor between Mukundara and Ranthambore and also to protect that area the Ramgarh Wildlife century is decided to be announced as a tiger reserve.”

Ramgarh Tiger Reserve will be spread across 1,501 sq km. of reserve area comprising three forest blocks of Bhilwara; a corridor and territorial forests block of Bundi along with a part of Nainwa, Hindoli, and Dabi; from Kota to Bundi, the National Chambal Ghadiyal Century of Rajasthan will be included as the core area of the tiger reserve. Similarly, the area of Ramgarh Century will also be the core area, and the remaining part would be the buffer zone of the sanctuary.

In the proposed tiger reserve a 225.6 sq. km. would be the Core-I area and 256 sq. km. will be the Core-II area for Tigers and 1019 sq. km. will be preserved as the buffer area. The core areas of the sanctuary have 8 villages with a population of 5000 and are home to large numbers of wild animals like sambhars, caracals, wild boars, nilgai, and striped hyenas. There are around 35 villages in the zone of influence of the sanctuary area.

It is pertinent to mention that the tigers were disappeared from the sanctuary in 1999. During the budget session in the year 2019, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot showed interest to examine the Ramgarh area to be made as to the Tiger Reserve. Later, the expert committee and then NTCA found the area suitable for the Tiger Reserve. State Government of Rajasthan has given nod to develop Ramgarh as the Tiger Reserve but the official announcement will soon be made just after its notice gets published in a gazette or a public journal.